Why ColorFill is Better


ColorFill is 100% Waterproof - no amount of water will break ColorFill down.
This makes ColorFill perfect for Laminate Worktop Joints.
We are more than happy for you test ColorFill’s waterproof properties.

Now that’s what you need in a Worktop Joint!


Technical Test:

Squeeze out a liberal amount of ColorFill onto a laminate off cut
Wait for it to dry – leave for 24 hours
Place ColorFill in a glass of water and leave there for as long as you like from a day to a year!


ColorFill with its hydrophobic base polymer structure and lack of additives such as surfactants and coalescing solvents as used with emulsion polymers, is impervious to water.

Waterbased Worktop Sealants – after these are dried out and immersed in water – they pick up water.  This causes the swelling of the cured polymer structure.  These sealants will allow moisture to migrate into the worktop joint and diffuse into the chipboard core resulting in the opening of the joint and potential swelling of the core.

Large Colour Range
ColorFill has the widest colour range of all Worktop Joint Sealants – 449 Colours to be exact and this number is increasing all the time as new laminate decors hit the market. 

All Worktop and Flooring Laminates are exactly matched and can be searched for in our ‘ColorFill Wizard’

ColorFill Guarantee
ColorFill can Guarantee that when used correctly there will be no joint ingress this means there will be no snagging for the fitter and 100% Customer Satisfaction.