Introducing Unika's NEW Solid Surface Adhesive

ColorFill Solid Surface Adhesive is a revolutionary two component Methyl Methacrylate which will provide a colour matched seamless look for Solid Surface Worktops.

It can be used on Solid Surface and Composite Worktops made from Acrylic and Acrylic and Polyester blends for example – Corian, HI-MAC’S, Slab Tech, Earthstone, Avonite etc. It is available in a range of 6 popular colours. Any colour can be made to order – minimum order quantities apply.
ColorFill Solid Surface Adhesive can be used in a standard cartridge gun coupled with a gun adapter. It comes with two single use mixing nozzles so there are no worries with the adhesive setting and blocking the nozzle. It is available in 100ml cartridge which is suitable for 3 standard worktop joints.
ColorFill Solid Surface Adhesive has an advanced non-stain colour system. Once cured the bond line is UV stable and has a very high chemical and moisture resistance. ColorFill SSA is very versatile, it can be used for jointing kitchen and bathroom worktops. It can be used in laboratories, on reception counters, tables, hotel rooms etc.

ColorFill SSA is manufactured by Unika - the Industries leading name in worktop jointing materials.

Directions for use on a Composite Worktop:

1. For full user instructions please see the ‘Solid Surface Installation Components Booklet’.
2. Ensure both sides of the joint are perfectly matched and use alcohol wipes to clean the joint, allow to dry.
3. Mitre the worktop, fit connecting bolts and cut biscuit slots ready for installation.
4. Apply a continuous bead of ColorFill Solid Surface Adhesive along the full length of the top and bottom edge of the joint and front of the downturn. Apply also to the biscuit slots before putting the biscuits in place. Push the two parts of the worktop together.
5. Apply a second continuous bead of Adhesive to the top edge of the joint and fill the joint ensuring that sufficient adhesive is used so that when the worktops are brought together, a continuous bead of adhesive flows out of the joint area.
6. Tighten up the worktop bolts, checking for alignment.
7. Allow the adhesive to cure to a hard rubber consistency, approx 30 minutes.
8. Remove glue deposits on the surface with a wide sharp chisel taking care not to damage the worktop. Complete with the sanding process outlined in the ‘Installation Components Booklet’.

 For more information on Solid Surface Adhesive or any other of Unika's products, please contact us by email or by phone (+44) 191 2590033