About ColorFill

The Original Laminate Worktop Joint Sealant

First on the market - ColorFill has been used by tradesmen since its formation 26 years ago.  It is the de facto standard for Joiners and Worktop Fitters.

ColorFill has been scientifically formulated and tested to resist moisture, detergent and other household products.  It will withstand heat and direct sunlight.

ColorFill is manufactured in the UK by Unika Color Products Ltd www.unikainnovation.co.uk

ColorFill was first manufactured in Australia in 1987 to match Formica worktops and laminated products sold in the region and in New Zealand. ColorFill was first brought into Europe with Formica in 1990 and was demonstrated to the trade on their exhibition stand at KBB Alexandra Palace.

The initial feedback couldn’t have been better and the founder of Unika Paul Rogers seized the opportunity and set up a company in Glasgow Scotland to market the products.

ColorFill was initially available in 100 colours mainly matched to the Formica brands of laminates and worktops but as the demand grew Unika added more and more colours to match all of the popular worktops available including those manufactured in Germany , France and Italy. In Europe a subsidiary company Unika BV was set up to supply the Benelux and Germany and here laminate flooring was popular so the wood colours became best sellers.

ColorFill was exhibited at Interzum Exhibition in Germany , ZOW in Germany , Italy and Spain , at KBB and ASFI exhibitions in the UK and at timber shows in Vegas and Atlanta in the US. After only a few years ColorFill was established as the industry standard for worktop joints and for repairs to tops and to laminate floors.